IMS and Solar Team Twente: A strong partnership

For the third time in a row Solar Team Twente is using the steering system that was developed together with IMS. The steering system has proven itself in the previous races and the team is happy to go through with it.

This year the support of IMS for the steering system concerned purchasing and helping with small design changes. Besides, IMS was asked to support the team with developing a charging configuration. A no-brainer, because this task covers multiple disciplines within the Solar Team Twente and is a real challenge for our engineers. The solution, however, was not directly available. In the program requirements it appeared that there were a few contradictions. What was best for one requirement was negative for another. Therefore, the team has implemented a lean product development method. In a couple of sessions a design concept was made, tested and by now the team has started building. Curious how exactly we solved this challenge? More about the smart charging configuration you can find out at the reveal at the end of March!

During this collaboration it again appeared that the teamwork of students and experienced IMS engineers is a great match. The IMS engineers advice and support the team with a lot of enthusiasm and stay involved in the realization of the car. We know for sure: This year the Solar Team Twente takes the first place at the World Solar Challenge!

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