Mar 20

IMS, Technology, Solar Team Twente, World Solar Challenge

For the third time in a row Solar Team Twente is using the steering system that was developed together with IMS. The steering system has proven itself…

Sep 18

Quality, ESPS, ISO 9001:2008, Technology

ESPS receives ISO 9001:2008 certification and ensures consistent quality improvement.

May 11

IMS, Technology, Solar Team Twente

Solar Team Twente is working hard during the production phase. Team members are working on the development and construction of the steering unit, together with IMS

Apr 16

Technology, ESPS, Medical, Robotics

From 22 till 25 April, ESPS will try to find out its role in robot assisted medical device production by taking part in the match2rehab tour to the southern part of Germany, organized by Oost NV, PSPS and Health Innovation Park.

Mar 26

IMS, Technology, Innovation

IMS took part in the economic mission for Life science and health in the northern region of Germany to explore cooperation possibilities with German production companies in these fields.