Mar 20

IMS, Technology, Solar Team Twente, World Solar Challenge

For the third time in a row Solar Team Twente is using the steering system that was developed together with IMS. The steering system has proven itself…

Jun 30

IMS, , Solar Team Twente, Auto, World Solar Challenge

Last Friday, Solar Team Twente presented the new solar car: the Red One. With this solar car, Solar Team Twente aims to fulfill its dream: victory in October during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia.

May 11

IMS, Technology, Solar Team Twente

Solar Team Twente is working hard during the production phase. Team members are working on the development and construction of the steering unit, together with IMS

Feb 06

IMS, Technology, Solar Team Twente

Solar Team Twente is busy working with their 'Red Engine' solar car for the World Solar Challenge in October, with one goal: Winning the World Solar Challange 2015!

Sep 30

Solar Team Twente, World Solar Challenge, WWINN, CSR

Solar Team Twente delivered a fantastic performance by achieving the third place in the World Solar Challenge race in Australia. This is the best result ever achieved by the Twente team! WWINN was again partner of the Solar Team.