Jan 04

sensors, Automotive, Production Automation, IMS

Read more about how IMS helped Sensata Technologies respond to increasing demand for their high temperature sensors.

Feb 19

VIRO, Industrie 4.0, Industry 4.0, Production Automation, METIS 4.0

In the latest East-Netherlands special from Link Magazine, IMS and VIRO explain how and why they are developing generic control software for the Industry 4.0 production platforms.

Oct 29

IMS, Production Automation, Production line

IMS developed a trayhandler and turned to KMWE for value-engineering. This resulted in a complex, compact, fast and ligthweight trayhandler.

Jan 29

IMS, Innovation, Production Automation, Flexible, Smart Industry

Anticpating trends such as smart industry, IMS is developing a production platform more flexible than ever before. Next to that, IMS launches an app for iOS and Android.