Feb 14

ESPS, Robotics, AUBO, Collaborative robots, Cooperate with robots, Industry 4.0, Smart Industry

ESPS is exclusive distributor of the collaborative robot brand AUBO for the Netherlands and Belgium. AUBO is: versatile, flexible. user friendly, low cost and lightweight.

Aug 05

robotic ssytem, robotics, Mecademic, Meca500, ESPS, Industry 4.0

ESPS has partnered up with Mecademic to distribute and integrate their robotic systems. Meca500 is Mecademics new industrial robot, which is ultra-compact and very accurate.

Jul 18

Smart Industry, Robotics, robotic system, Industry 4.0, ESPS, Flexible, Flexible automation

ESPS has set up an experimental garden in its Robotics Experience Center with several business firms and knowledge institutes. The goal is to develop knowledge and new solutions for robotics in Smart Industry.

Feb 19

VIRO, Industrie 4.0, Industry 4.0, Production Automation, METIS 4.0

In the latest East-Netherlands special from Link Magazine, IMS and VIRO explain how and why they are developing generic control software for the Industry 4.0 production platforms.

Oct 05

METIS 4.0, , IMS, Robotics, Industry 4.0, Industrial Automation

METIS 4.0, the production line that introduces a scalable production capacity, a programmable process sequence and a reconfigurable machine lay-out.